Butterfly cookies

Crazy name, I know.

Well, the actual name for these cookies is Palmier, said in a very sophisticated French accent… but that is not the name I use, because: a) I am not French, nor do I try to be; b) I am not sophisticated, nor do I try to be; c) I have been calling this kind of cookies “butterfly cookies” ever since I was weee big, and that’s the name I shall use.

Anyways, a super good friend of mine was sick and these cookies are one of his favorites… Since I was also sick (I probably gave my germs to him), I decided to make him some.  I found the recipe on a blog called Christine’s Recipes.  It had great directions as well as pictures to guide noob bakers like me!  (Please click on the link above for the full recipe!)  My oven was not super high tech and so it did not have  this Fan-force mode that allowed the cookies to bake more evenly.  If your oven is like mine, then I would suggest turning the heat down a bit and watch your butterfly cookies very very carefully as they can get burnt quickly if you forget about them.    As you can probably tell from the picture, I did not give my cookies the full attention they deserved….

Butterfly cookies

The cookies turned out pretty good even though they were a tad bit burnt on the edges.  The entire batch was gone within 2 hours of their creation and my house smelled absolutely fanstatic from the butter/flour/sugar mixture. Make sure you enjoy these cookies right out of the oven, they are AHHHHMazing!


2 thoughts on “Butterfly cookies

  1. mMMmmm

    I’m sure your super good friend loved it and recovered from these mind-blowing butterflies.

    I hope to share with him for the next batch =)

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