The Brother

As most of you know, I have a baby brother.  He was born when I was 12 years old.  He is the love of my life.

Parents, do you REALLY want to show your kids what the consequences of unprotected sex are?  Just pop a baby when they’re around 12 or 13.  That’ll do it.

I didn’t speak to a boy again until I was  about 18.

Anyways, my brother is no longer a kid now, he is entering into his teenage years.  It is terrifying…. for me.   I used to be in complete denial of his age, but a few days ago, after talking to him on the phone for a solid THREE minutes, I finally realized the truth.

Here is an outline of our phone conversation:

*My cell phone starts to ring at approx. 10pm*

Me: “Hello?”

Brother: “Hi.”

Me:  “OH!  Hi buddy!”

Brother: “Hi.”

Me: “What’s upppp?!? (This is my attempt to be Kool)”

Brother: ‘Why aren’t you at mama’s house?”

Me: “Well, bud, my home is downtown, in this little tiny apartment the size of your bedroom, remember?”

Brother: “Oh.  Well, you should come home sometime this week, because you are not working this week right?”

Me: “Yah, okay!  Aww, did you want to hang out with me this week?”

*My heart lit up… my little bro misses me!*

Brother: “Um.  When are you going to take me to the Lego store?”

Me: “Huh?”

Brother: “You said there was a Lego store opening, and if you are not working, we can go.”

*My heart then shattered into a million pieces…. the world is a cold place…*

Me: “Ummm… ok.  I’ll look and see when the store opens and call you back, okay?”

Brother: “Ok. Bye!”

Me: “Oh!  Ok, Bye.  I love….”


Me: “……you”

*I crawled under my blanket and asked Mr. K for 10 chocolate bars*

*And my thighs grew twice as big the next day*

My brother is 10.  I love him.  Mr. K and I are taking him out for ice cream and to the Lego Store tonight.

At least he still thinks I am cool, and not too old.


5 thoughts on “The Brother

  1. Aww, of course you are cool! And Lil’B is just as cool as I remember..

    Lil’B: If you were a hot dog, and you were starving… would you eat yourself? It’s a Simple Question!

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