Call us crazy, but 2 days ago, Mr. K and I biked across town for 2 hours…. in the rain.

No, it was not a misty, light drizzle kind of rain.  It was the torrential downpour kind of rain.  The kind where you feel like you having a cold shower with your clothes on… in public.

I love my new bike.

It’s shiny.  It’s pretty.  It’s fast.  It’s fantastic.

It also does not have fenders.

This is a picture of my back half way through our bike ride.  Only HALF WAY!

I came home and washed my jacket 5 times that night.

I love detergent.  It saves lives.


4 thoughts on “Fenders

    • I do have a white/brownish jacket!

      Well… it was originally pure white, but now it is White/Brown-ish because my Yoga mat stain it. Grrr…

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