Fall colors

I love the fall.  Especially in Calgary.  Because:

  1. It doesn’t rain too much
  2. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS everywhere
  3. It’s not too cold
  4. Thanksgiving is in the fall
  5. I love turkey
  6. I also love pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. YUM.
  7. I also love long weekends
  8. Halloween is in the fall
  9. I love chocolate.  LOVE IT.
  10. My birthday is in the fall
  11. Ok. Scratch #10.  I don’t like growing old.
  12. It doesn’t rain as much as Vancouver….Did I mention that already?
  13. But I still love Vancouver

I am sure this list makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me.

Anyways, here are some pictures we took in the past 2 weeks while biking/walking:

I love leaves on the ground.  They make me smile.

We also love clouds.  They are wicked cool.

Ah… So pretty.

Now, it’s time for some pumpkin pie.  Toodles!



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