Mr. K

T – 2 days to Valentine’s Day.

This year, Mr. K and I decided to staying home for Valentine’s Day.  He booked a table 2 weeks ago at one of the coolest restaurants in town for Feb 14th.  But being the cheap, cranky, old, and almost wrinkly me, I couldn’t stand the thought of spending $150 for a 2 person meal… so I asked Mr. K to cancel the reservation and requested for a quiet night at home.

I know. I am crazy.  The kind of food that I will be missing out…. it’s mind boggling.

The reason behind cancelling this meal was more than just the $$.  Back in the days, when I was still young and beautiful, and muffin-top free… I would’ve jumped at the opportunity to get fancy on a special day like Valentine’s day.  In fact,  I think I probably would’ve demanded it.

But this year is different.  I guess when everyday feels like it’s Valentine’s Day, you don’t really need to celebrate Feb 14th anymore.

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day.  I’ll take some time today and explain why Mr. K is such a special guy.

  1. He is a lover of Big Macs, KFC and butter chicken.  Which makes us extremely compatible
  2. He really appreciates a good chocolate chip cookie
  3. He is not afraid of butter, sugar or donuts
  4. He likes muffin tops, both kinds
  5. He doesn’t get embarrassed when I break out into random dance session while walking in public, in the car, or at home.
  6. He joins me when I break out into random dance moves in public
  7. He is sexy
  8. He makes amazingly delicious food.  Enough said.
  9. He always does the dishes.  *Let the angels rejoice*
  10. He can parallel park like nobody’s business
  11. He plays guitar.  Seriously, how can you not like a man who plays beautiful music?
  12. He is almost pro at Tennis.  That’s how we met by the way 🙂
  13. He doesn’t laugh when I try to speak Chinese.  Not out loud, at least.
  14. He is a sexy sexy man
  15. He is so damn sexy….

I can keep going…but I think you get the idea.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Spread the love!

Much love,



12 thoughts on “Mr. K

  1. I beat my alarm clock senseless with my pillow and grab my laptop and blanket and steal away to the living room couch where I cuddle up with Po(my laptop) and write and surf the web. -Ashley (I've gotten a different blog/journal. I'm on blogger now! Yay! lol)

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  3. love the theme change!
    also LOVE YOU! 🙂

    eee your email brightened my day yesterday and I had the happiest smile 🙂 i will reply you tomorrow & let’s have another phone date soon!

    ps tell Mr. K I say congrats on completing his P-eng!! 🙂 woohoo!

      Thank you for visiting my blog!! Awww, don’t know if you know this already, but you are the person who inspired me to blog in the first place!
      Sending you lots of hugs,

  4. Nice theme change! Looks good.

    Best wishes to you and K back home! We will have to Skype soon. Maybe next weekend, when I have less tests.

    Mom is heading back today!

    • Thanks J! We miss you tons. Yes, let’s skype next weekend, let’s me know what time works best for you and I’ll be online!

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