Pills. My worst fear.

I have 2 ears.  I have 2 ear infections.  One on either side.

My ears hurt.

My face hurts.

I went to a walk-in clinic last week, and the doctor there poked into my ear and gave me ear drops to take home.   To be honest, I felt a little unsure of that whole situation.  The doctor had a lot of chest hair and he had to look up my ear drop prescription on his iPhone….

It was kind of sketchy…

Just to be clear.  I have nothing against chest hair.  It’s just the iPhone thing that was sketchy.

Ok, honestly… I don’t really like chest hair either.

Needless to say, the ear drops didn’t work.  I ended up going back to a new doctor yesterday afternoon… and 2 hours later, I was given a blue bottle containing some of the biggest pills that I have ever seen in my entire life!

You know how I have a fear for parallel parking?  Well, here’s my other greatest fear.  Swallowing pills.

Here’s my question.  Why can’t they all be chewables?!?!  You know like those Flintstones Vitamins?  They work perfectly fine!  And they come in a variety of colors!

I always have to mentally prep myself for hours before I swallow a pill.  ANY PILL.  And if I succeed in swallow that pill, I will always consume a minimum of 5 chocolate donuts immediately after, just to bring myself back to place of happiness.

Some of you may find this ridiculous… but I can’t help it!  I am terrified.  It is an issue.  Maybe there was some childhood truama, maybe there is some hidden meaning, I don’t know!  I need counselling!

Somebody send help.

I am about to have a mental breakdown over these giant antibiotic pills.

There should be a law against large pills!  Is there a maximum pill size by law?!?!

Somebody get me some donuts!



12 thoughts on “Pills. My worst fear.

  1. It’s interesting to hear that you are somewhat in doubt about a doctor who referred to his iPhone. So, if I may ask: why do you find that “sketchy”?

    • Hi Eastwood! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!
      Please allow me to first say that the things I say on this blog shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s just a platform for me to express my corky thoughts and share my stories with my friends around the world 🙂
      The reason that I found it “sketchy” is because I have never been in a situation where my doctor had to refer to his iPhone before giving out a prescription, and so it kind of caught me off guard. Also, while I was telling the doc about my symptoms, he was listening to me while checkin his email on his phone…which made me feel a little uneasy. The clinic was filled with people that day, so there were lot of noises all around. It was the combination of everything that made me feel like it was a “sketchy” experience….

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Stressful, isn’t it? I can imagine how changing the manner in which the physician communicated with you might have improved the experience. Perhaps it would have helped had he taken the time to connect with you by explaining what he was looking up (e.g., ICD-9 codes, medication interactions, etc.).

      • Absolutely. I agree. In positions such as MD, I think “patient care” plays a huge part as many people would only go to see the MD as a last resort (ie. when they are really really sick), and so I think doctors should make an effort to make the patient feel valued and show the patient that they are a doctor who really listens and cares for them. I feel that people go to see doctors not only for their knowledge, but also to seek reassurance and compassion.
        To many people, outstanding patient- doctor communication is what distinguishes a good doctor from an exceptional doctor.

    • Woooo…tempting. Would that make the pill bigger tho?

      We’ve got such a great discussion going on! Maybe I should write a thesis on this.

  2. Have you tried eating the chocolate donuts with the pills? Try this the next time: eat a chocolate donut and JUST before you’re about to swallow all that chocolate-y goodness, pop a pill in your mouth and swallow the pill along with all the chocolate.

    If that is too much, rinse it down with a chocolate milk.

    It’s really a natural thing we all do when eating and if you think too much about it then you wont’ be able to swallow – or at least that’s how I do it.

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