Weekend Adventure – Edmonton

K and I went on a mini 2-day vacation this past weekend.  We drove from the -20°C Calgary, to the – 30°C Edmonton…

Just for the record.  We’re not crazy…  I think.

An overview of our exciting trip to the fair city of Edmonton can be found in the list below:

  • K driving on terrible winter roads, while I scream periodically from the passenger seat

“AHHHH, we’re gonna DIE!”
“I can’t see a thing out these windows, WE’RE GONNA DIE!”
“HUNNY, WATCH OUT for that MOOSE!!!…… oh, nevermind, it was just another car….”
“BAHHH…We’re gonna die.”

…It was a lovely drive…

  • Munching continuously on BBQ Fritos to stop me from having anxiety attacks as we passed cars that were flipped over on the side of the road
  • Arriving in Edmonton.  Safe and sound.
  • Inhaling KFC by the pounds.  To celebrate the fact that we’re still alive
  • Ordering room service.  To celebrate the fact that we’re alive and on vacation
  • Receiving chocolate chip cookies, ordered and delivered to our hotel by our good friend Wang
  • Watching the Food Network in bed while eating cheese and crackers
  • Brunch. There was steak involved. Enough said.
  • Lunch.  Not immediately after brunch, but closely following.
  • Hanging out with Wang, who is probably one of the most amazing, thoughtful, fantastic, phenomenal people I know.
  • Driving back to Calgary.  Please refer to points 1 and 2.

As you have probably guessed, it was an awesome trip.  I actually really enjoyed visiting Edmonton and we plan to go back when the weather turns a little sunnier….which by the looks of it, will be in August 2057.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventure – Edmonton

  1. Cookies and a poem? I have to say that is a pretty fantastic photo – you are becoming quite a photographer.

    Man, that sounds like an amazing weekend. I’m glad that I was a part of your weekend! Please come back sooner than August 2057 though otherwise my heart will grow as cold as the -30 winter days in Edmonton

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