K’s Birthday Dinner – Short Ribs In Tomatoes

It was K’s birthday last week and I made dinner.  Of course

I started cooking the night before, did most of the stove -top cooking that day, and left all the baking for the actual day.  It may sound like it was a lot for work, but it really wasn’t.  I only spent about 2 hours prepping and cooking in total, and as for the rest of the time, I use it wisely.  I submerged myself in the studies of  emerging technologies and differential equations….

In other words, I watched the entire 3rd season of “The Big Bang Theory“.

Please don’t judge me.

It’s a great show!  You can seriously learn a lot from it!  For example, did you know…

  • Star Trek and Star Wars are two very different things
  • The plural of coccyx is coccyges
  • Smart is the new sexy

Sigh.  I digress.

Back to the main course: short ribs in tomato sauce.

It’s beefy.

It’s tomatoey.

It’s saucy.

It’s heavenly.

I would like to thank cooking goddess The Pioneer Woman for this amazing dish.

I won’t even try and rewrite the recipe here, because:

  1. The Pioneer Woman has a much better, fancier, prettier website
  2. She has beautiful pictures of her cooking that will make your thighs grow 2 sizes bigger just by looking at them
  3. She is brilliant
  4. I have Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory… it has been loaded into my computer….and it’s calling my name
  5. Don’t judge.  Just love me for who I am.

Please click on the link above and you will be directed to her recipe.




3 thoughts on “K’s Birthday Dinner – Short Ribs In Tomatoes

  1. Lucky birthday dude!

    Is that true? Smart is the new sexy? Cause if it is, you know what that means right?

    Yeah, I’m just the same non-sexy dude I always was

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