Muffin Top

The other day, while I was out, K went to the grocery store and bought some groceries.

Ok, I know.  Not a very exciting start to a story.  Just keep reading, ok?

Anyways, besides the usual grocery items like bread, eggs and Ruffles Chips, K bought something that I’ve never seen before.  And it stirred up some very mixed emotions within me.

No?  You guys don’t consider Ruffles Chips a regular grocery item?  Well, you better add it onto your shopping list for next time, because Ruffle Potato Chips is where it’s at!

Ok, fine. Ignore me.

Back to my exciting story….

That day, K bought this:

K bought Muffin Tops.  Majestic Muffin Tops, that is.

These are real muffin tops.  These are made from flour, sugar, butter, etc.  These are not the ones that spill out the side of my pants….which are probably also made from flour, sugar, butter.   Or from Ruffles chips.

Call me old fashioned.  Call me weird.  But I just don’t understand these Majestic Muffin Tops.

Are they actually the tops of muffins?  Cut off and then packaged together into a box?  And what happens to those muffin bottoms?  Lost?  Forgotten? Wasted? Or are they also packaged together, sold in a box called Regal Muffin Bottoms?!?!?!

Please. Somebody tell me the answer.

When you take them out, they look like GIANT cookies.  Giant muffin cookies! And WHY?!?!?

It’s just so confusing to me…

I like my muffins in its entirety.  I dig their curvaceousness and their voluptuous figure.

Just wanted to put it out there.

Now I feel much better.  Thank you for listening.


14 thoughts on “Muffin Top

  1. you are all hilarious/crazy.

    i want muffin tops. i dislike muffin bottoms because they have no crust. the crust is where it is at.

  2. Priceless, Wang. Priceless.

    I like your icon better though. And today Annie and I saw a guy walking on the street. He looked like your twin brother. He had nice shades on.

    • we did see Wango’s twin brother today! Though he did not look as strikingly handsome as Wango himself, I did stare at him for a long time….
      Wang. Do you have a twin brother? And if so, please tell him that I apologize for creeping him out today.

      • What’s this about Wang’s twin brother? I am much better looking than he is (yes that’s right, smart is the new sexy)

        Warren Yang:

        Walking around in cow town
        Looking for the muffin tops
        Trying to not look suspicious
        To avoid all those cops

        I had to wear some shades
        There was way too much sunlight
        I’m much much cooler than Wang
        Yeah you got that right

        An attractive couple staring at me
        I feel a little creeped out, alone
        Do I look like someone they know?
        Am I me or am I a clone?

    • Hahahahaa

      Annie, I have seen a pan that lets you cook muffin tops. It essentially has the shallowest of bases, allowing the top to take over. Or I think you could just cook it on a flat sheet to get the same effect — Which would explain why it looks like cookies.

      • I was going to post a clip from the same episode, but I see Wang beat me to it. I also see that we both watch too much syndicated television 🙂

      • Hehehe… what a great video! I have actually never watched Seinfeld…and yet I have watched an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Please don’t judge me. It was only 1 episode! I swear!

      • Well then. I would have to argue that if they’re baked without a muffin bottom…then how can they be called a muffin “top”? It’s scientifically impossible! 🙂

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