Strawberries, Cake and Awesomeness

K and I are friends with very awesome people.

Seriously.  We have awesome friends.

For example – this is our good friend, Geng.

He’s pretty awesome right?

Geng is a ridiculous talented man:  he is an avid photographer, a young entrepreneur, and a PHD candidate doing research in the field of sports biomechanics and footwear biomechanics.

No, he is not a robot.  He is a real human being.  he is just exceptionally talented.

Oh.  And he is single!  Ladies, I have his #, please contact me if you are falling head over heels in love with the man in the picture.

Anyways, it was Geng’s birthday a few days months ago (this post is long overdue).  We hosted a small celebratory dinner for him, and I was the designated cake baker.

Prior to deciding on the kind of cake to bake, I sent Geng a multiple choice questionnaire.   All in the name of research.

Below is a small sample of the questionnaire:

1. Your favourite dessert flavor is:

a) Chocolate

b) Vanilla

c) Strawberry

d) All of the above

2. Your favourite person in the entire world is:

a) Annie

b) Annie

c) Annie

d) All of the above

In the end, after utilizing some intense calculation software and graphing techniques, I came to the following conclusion.   Geng enjoys: Beef, leafy greens, lemonade and strawberry flavored desserts.  His favorite color is blue, though he is also very fond of hot pink, and his favorite person in the entire world is… me.

I made Geng a cream cheese pound cake with strawberry coulis for his birthday.  It was served after the dinner K and I made, which comprised of T-bone steaks, garden salad and tomato bruschettas.

The cake was absolutely amazing.  It is officially my favorite pound cake, ever.

The recipe for the cake can be found here.  It’s from Deb at Smitten Kitchen.  She is one of my heroes and her baby boy takes the meaning of “cute” to a whole new level.

We inhaled the cake as a group and then proceeded to play Cranium for the rest of the evening.  Basically, it was the best night ever.


10 thoughts on “Strawberries, Cake and Awesomeness

  1. Geng is a lucky man. Coincidentally I would also like his number so that we can hit up the bars together yo!

    Is his last name hiskhan?! That would be quite an icebreaker for the ladies I’m thinking…

    • Haha. No we had more than 3 ppl! It was great times! U and Sri should come over for dinner sometime and we’ll play Cranium!

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