Double Layer Birthday Cake

My baby brother Brian turned 11 last month.

He knows who Enrique Iglesias is.  He knows how to use an iPad. He know about puberty.

Every year for my brother’s birthday, I ask him what he wants as his birthday cake. And then… once I’ve gather all the necessary information from him, I start my annual experimentation of various cake recipes, right here in my teeny-tiny kitchen.

Two years ago, the birthday cake was a triple layered chocolate cake.

Last year, it was a hazelnut chocolate cake.

And this year… Brian’s request was a simple yellow cake.  With chocolate icing of course.

This entire cake only took about 3 hours to make.  From scratch.

I was under a huge time restraint that day and didn’t start the cake until about noon.  But…the cake arrived at the 4pm birthday party.  On time.

In my opinion, the yellow cake layers were pretty standard – Dense.  Moist.  Golden. Delicious.

The thing that made this cake so special, was the frosting.  Instead of making a frosting with cocoa and sugar.  This frosting was made from ounces of rich dark chocolate.

And guess what.  The frosting was the easiest thing I’ve ever made.  Ever.

If you don’t include the time that it takes to melt the chocolate, the time it took to make the frosting was ~5 minutes.

Both the cake and the frosting recipe came from Deb at Smitten Kitchen.  The standard yellow cake recipe is from this post and the frosting recipe is from this one.

One note on the frosting:

I only used about 1/2 the amount of icing sugar in the frosting, and my frosting ended up tasting more like dark chocolate than an actual sugary frosting.  I thought the cake tasted delicious with the dark chocolate frosting, but the amount of sugar is completely up to you.  Just mix in the sugar in small amounts and taste as you go 🙂

One of my besties Pearl was in town during the weekend of my brother’s birthday (her brother’s birthday is the same day!), and she helped me build this cake from scratch.  Nothing beats baking a cake with friends.

Well.. maybe eating cake with friends.

Thanks Pearl for being my cake baking partner.  I love you.


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