My 11 year old brother left a voicemail on K’s phone last night.

It blew my mind.

Here’s what he said.  Word for word.  No lies.

“Hi um.. Kai? This is Brian. Umm…I was wondering about the whiteboard in my room?  Umm… I was wondering if..like…umm… Crayola or Crayola markers were ok?  Cuz…I really need my whiteboard now, I want it for my memo board… cuz It turns out that this week there’s a lot of things happening, so I kind of need my whiteboard right now.  so…yah, Give me a call back, I kind of want to use it.  So…and…yah… Bye!”

My brother.  He loves Lego Starwars.  He loves playing hide-and-seek. He apparently also needs a memo board.

To stay on top of everything and be organized, you know?

Am I the only one who’s mind has been blown?

To sum up, K and I got him dry erase markers immediately so that he can start his memo board ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Voicemail

  1. Hhahahahahahah I love Brian. Best messages ever. “If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself? HHahahahahhaa”

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