The Memo Board

Hi folks!

So sorry that I have been MIA for the past few weeks… I was dealing with a bit of a health issue (will tell you about it in another post sometime), but I am now recovering and I am ready to blog again!

You may remember that I received a voice message from my brother a couple of weeks ago…and it was in regards to a Memo Board.

Well, I stayed over at Mama Feng’s place last night, and as I was about to leave for brunch this morning, I saw this…

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my 11 year old brother’s Memo Board.

In case you cannot read my brother’s writing, I have copied it here and I have supplied my Coles Notes in brackets.


  • Social Test Tues (Obviously, my brother has a Social Studies test coming up next Tuesday)
  • Kumon Mon (Kumon is a after-school math tutoring program that my brother attends every Monday.  His teacher’s name is Pat and she apparently loves doing subtractions)
  • Patrol on Thurs (My brother is a volunteer street patroller at school.  Yes, he is the kid who stopped you while you drove past the elementary school last week and make you wait for ~20 minutes while all 290 students crossed the street)
  • Math comp (I have no idea what this means… might be a secret code of some sort)
  • Pizza lunch November 18, 2011 (So glad to hear that the pizza lunch is not happening in 2012)
  • Build Tank out of Lego (probably the most important item on this memo board…)

As you can clearly see, items on the Memo Board are color coded.  All school related items are in blue.  Any food related items are in green and top priorities are printed in black.

Amazing?  I think so.

This is the best Memo Board I have ever seen.  I wish that my memo board consisted of items such as pizza lunches and tank building! I love my baby brother and I pray that he’ll never ever change.  Because growing up is totally overrated.


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