Chinese Fried Rice with Zucchini, Shiitake & Spam

Alright. Stop with the judging already. I know, I used Spam. Get over it.


There. I said it. It’s out there.

I hope you will still love me…

In case you’re wondering…

No, I do not love Spam more than bacon. Bacon is in a league of its own and nothing, except for maybe Hickory Sticks in giant Costco-sized bags will come close.

But I digress…

If it makes you feel any better, the fried rice also had plenty of zucchini and Shiitake mushrooms to balance out the non-nutritious, but heavenly tasting spiced ham. They will help unclog your arteries after the Spam attack.

There are a few rules/tricks in making the perfect fried rice. I have personally never been successful with making fried rice until earlier this month, because… well, I don’t like rules. I like to break rules. Often times, a few broken rules can lead to spectacular results. But this is not the case for fried rice, unless you enjoy clumpy, soggy rice with uncooked veggie chucks that taste like vomit… then, I really can’t help you.

Here are the rules:

  • Use high heat. Allow your wok to heat up as the oil should be nice and hot so that your ingredients will fry up quickly.
  • Use leftover (1 day old) rice. Leftover rice tend to be more dry, with each grain separated. Chilling rice in the fridge also dries out the rice.
  • Fry the eggs first in the wok, removed it from the pan, then fry the rice. Or…if you are lazy like me, you can fry the eggs first, and when it’s about halfway done, add in the rice and stir it up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
1 small stalk of green onion, diced
1 medium zucchini, quartered then diced
6 Shiitake mushrooms
1 Cup Spam, cubed
3 eggs, beaten in a small bowl
4-5 Cups leftover rice
A few spoonfuls of canola oil
1 TBsp light soy sauce
Salt & pepper, to taste

  1. Heat a wok or large saute pan on high heat and drizzle in 1 big tablespoon of canola oil.
  2. When the pan is nice and hot, throw in the onions (both yellow and green) and saute quickly until the onions begin the soften.
  3. Add in the mushrooms and zucchini. Once the zucchini is soft and cooked through, remove everything from the wok and set it aside.
  4. With the oil that remains in the wok, turn the heat to medium high, add in the cubed Spam and saute until some of the edges are golden brown and the meat is cooked through. Remove the Spam from the wok and set aside.
  5. Add 1-2 more tablespoons of canola oil into the wok, let it heat up and pour in the whisked eggs. Stir the eggs quickly to scramble them and when they are about halfway done, throw in the leftover rice and stir well. Spread the rice all around the wok and to allow the rice to ‘fry’, toss it occasionally.
  6. When the rice is evenly heated through, add in the veggies. Toss the rice, add in soy sauce, salt & pepper and mix it into the rice. Don’t add in too much salt as the Spam that you’re about to add is already salty.
  7. Finally, add in the Spam, taste the rice and adjust the seasoning if needed.
  8. Once everything is heated through and you’re satisfied with your seasoning, your rice is done!

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