Kale, Apple & Mango Green Smoothie

Mornings have always been tough for me. I am a natural night-owl, or at least that’s what my body tells me. By the time 11pm rolls around, I am either bouncing around the living room singing loudly off-key to a Mariah Carey classic or dancing aggressively to the latest top-40 list on Songza. 11pm is when I am my best (crazy) self.

Mornings, however, are unfortunately a whole different story. By 8am, I would’ve pressed my snooze button at least 7 times, and moving at the pace of a giant sleepy manatee, I would roll out of bed – grumpy, confused and very hangry.

Kale_Apple_ Mango GSmoothie(1)

This green smoothie is like a magic potion that reverts me from grouchy sea cow back to human form. It is my favourite green drink to make in the Vitamix and it also gives me a nutritious start to my day.

This smoothie does not call for a strict set of ingredients, you can adjust according to what greens you have in your fridge and to your taste. Kale can easily be swapped with spinach, and pineapple would be a great fruit alternative to mangos. If you are looking for an extra boost of protein and Omega-3, then add a tablespoon or two of hemp or chia seeds to the recipe. I sometimes pop in a few small slices of ginger to fire up my immune system during the flu season.

Kale_Apple_ Mango GSmoothie(2)

1 handful of organic lacinato kale
1 fresh ripe mango or 1 heaping cup frozen mango
1 organic granny smith apple, cored but unpeeled
1/2 frozen banana
2-3 ice cubes
*1/2 cup orange juice, or coconut water, or water

  1. Pop the kale and juice/water into a high-speed blender. Blend on high until everything is liquified and turns into a smooth green paste
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on high until smooth; serve immediately
  3. If you made more smoothie than you can drink all at once, pour the rest into popsicle molds. Freeze them for a healthy, refreshing afternoon snack

*Feel free to add more liquid for a runnier smoothie


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