11 Weeks

Dear little one,

Here we are, at 11 weeks, and I am finally allowing myself to write you the 1st letter.

You dad and I are so excited to have you join/change/grow/strengthen our little family. As I wrote that last sentence, Canon in D came on over the stereo. It’s the same song that played as I walked towards your dad on the day of our wedding, so I take it as a good sign for amazing things to come 🙂

The last few weeks have been a little challenging. The morning all-day nausea has taken a toll on my body (and sometimes, my mind too). I’m not eating as healthily as I would like. In fact, I am barely eating much at all and the guilt of this is weighing on my mind. I want to give you my very best but my body is resisting.

I pray that you are healthy, that you are growing, and that you have everything you need in this belly of mine. I pray that you will develop a full and generous heart. One big enough to fall in love with the world, curious enough to never stop learning, and courageous enough to always fight for what you believe in.

With the first trimester thankfully winding down, we have started to share the news of your existence with our family and friends (your future grandparents, aunts and uncles). Oh little one, I may not be certain of the future, but the one thing I know for sure if that you will be so very loved. You will be loved by us, by your grandparents, and by our friends who are like family to us. You will be surrounded by good people. They will meet you and give you a piece of their heart to hold on to. You will never be lacking in love, this I promise you. My hope is that when you grow up, when you can no longer stand on your dad and my shoulders as we grow weaker, you will find your people. People who will love you for exactly who you are, and help you reach for the stars just like our friends do for us today.

Little one, happy 11 weeks. You’ve already come so far. Our love for you grows every single day.

Take your time in there, and grow.

p.s. be nice to your dad when you come out, please. It’s hard work taking care of a pregnant wife who needs to eat every 2 hours and then throws up every 4 hours. He is very excited but he is also kind of tired.


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