19 Weeks

Dear little one,

We’re almost half way there! Anther 20 or so weeks, and we’ll finally get to meet you. Words cannot describe how excited we are to welcome you into the family. Earlier this week, you dad placed his hand on my growing belly and you kicked right into his palm. Nice aim.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.12.01 PM.png

Speaking of your dad, he is currently away on a 4-day trip and I kind of really miss him. I cannot wait for you to meet him, little one. Nothing in this world is for certain, but you can be sure that you’ve landed yourself the best dad anyone could ever ask for. I know this because right now, he is the most incredible husband and he always has been. We are both so lucky.

He is already so in love with you, calling out to you everyday and rubbing my belly to see if you’ll kick. I cannot wait to watch him teach you about life, tell you stories, and go on adventures with you. He will teach you to speak Mandarin, he will show you how to ride a bike and he will make you the most delicious food (once you’re done with milk). He is patient, supportive, and he has already mastered the ‘Dad Jokes’ part of his job. He is protective and kind, and he will always put you first above anything and everything else. He will show you what courage, respect and love looks like. He is such a great man, there is no one else in this world I could imagine having a child with. He is the best thing that has ever happened to the both of us, and I know you’ll agree with me once you meet him in person.

Another 4.5 months to go, baby! We can do this.

Love you,



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